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Yes, special pricing: $1 per page until 12/25/2017
Limited Time Offer!
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How I Edit...

Paper Editing (You print, you snail mail it to me.)

I will cross out, insert, make marginal notes, the whole routine and even use the back of the page to let you know what I am thinking.

Digital Editing (Sent via email. Most word processing files are accepted.)

It will be a colorful digital masterpiece of cross outs, inserts, and notations to make your manuscript shine and enhance your writing skills. I prefer to use Microsoft Word's 'Track Changes' so you can see what I did. Note: If you don't use Word, I can do it in Word and create a PDF for your use.

On Both Formats

Submission format: DOUBLE-spaced, 12 pt Times Roman, with one (1) inch margins: top, bottom, left, right.

I will review spelling, punctuation, grammar, POV, concept, word choices and whatever is necessary to make your manuscript sparkle. If I see a tendency in your writing which I feel needs to be corrected and/or reinforced; I will task you with a small assignment for you to do and send me. This is free!


Much simpler. $5 per thousand words. That means, 70K words is $350. Yes, 70,657 words is still 70K. I'm not going to fret over 657 words.

Single edit, I do a full edit and return to you. We're done.

Double edit allows, after you finish with my first pass edits, to re-submit for a 2nd full edit at no extra charge. The 2nd edit only costs 50% more when paid at the beginning. Yes, $7.50 per thousand words — but remember, it is paid at the beginning!

~ I want you to learn the skill, not fix your errors. ~

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You got questions? Contact me.

Or use this address: bob @
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