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I write in several genres. I don't like the idea of being pigeon-holed to one sytle, like Stephen King is horror and Isaac Asimov is science fiction. In fact, most of my novels are multi-genre or cross-genre types. Of course, I do have some that are basically one genre, such as my "how-to" books on writing and its various aspects. Consider my first novel, 2012 Timeline Apocalypse, which is still a great read today, eventhough the "crisis period" has passed. It is an adventure-type tale with several thriller aspects tossed in. Of course, since it is about the hullabaloo of the new century and the end of the Mayan calendar, it is obviously a fantasy. Then, there is that hint of romance aspect to consider. Would I call it a romance novel? No way. The exact same thing holds true for "The Secret Voice" which is a Christian novel with an Amish twist added. Some might consider it slightly historical because it deals with the harsh reality of the 1960s (Civil Rights and Vietnam War) while others deny it a true Amish theme since it doesn't have the "bonnet" thread — where an Amish girl is distraught over whether to join the church or leave her heritage for the Englische life. Even my horror isn't pure horror. I prefer to play with your mind — the so-called 'taking your brain out and playing with it' to tingle your spine. I call it "lite" horror — minimal blood, guts and gore. Take a 'gander' at my offerings — I like to think there is something for everyone, even you.

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At Death's Doors
Available at Amazon. Kindle $3.99; / Paperback $9.95

A collection of horror stories by one author with something to please everyone. The short stories are a mixture of light-hearted, dark and twisted tales. Meet people, vampires, witches, gargoyles, and creatures of both the mind and perhaps another dimension to lead the way to death. What is the theme? Death, of course. Meet Death at its myriad of doors. Pick a door. C'mon in.

  • ◉ You just celebrated your birthday — now the worst news to kill you…
  • ◉ You finally hit it lucky and get to see a 'bucket list' item…
  • ◉ Yuri Gagarin wasn't the first man into space...
  • ◉ The gift of sight comes with a curse... or a promise...
  • ◉ Plus more...

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CRACKED! The Writing Mystique
Available at Amazon. Kindle only 99¢ / Paperback $9.95

You want to write? Everyone tells you to write? When one mentions the word "author," does it immediately place an aura of mystery about it?

You're scared? You start to panic as "show, don't tell" or "that's passive voice" or "character, know your character" or some other obscure writer-type phrase assaults you. You're not alone!!

Trust me, writers are human and this book is chock full of secrets that will unwrap the mystique. Between the covers, revealed, in easy to understand and very friendly terms, the agonies each writer must face and how to crush or crack the wall that encloses them in this pain of writing.

◉ Mystique #1: Write what you know...
◉ Mystique #5: Show versus tell...
◉ Mystique #8: Writer's Block...
◉ Mystique #12: POV (Point of View)...
◉ Plus more...

This book will help new writers learn the craft and assist older writers address issues within their works.

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The Secret Voice
Available at Amazon. Kindle $4.99 / Paperback $16.95

The year is 1961. In a quaint, rural NW Ohio town, secrets are coming to light. Daniel Yoder, an Amish boy with a dream, wants to attend high school against the strict rules of the Amish church. Surprisingly, the Bishop and Daniel's father both agree to let him attend. At school, Daniel meets the newly-hired chorus teacher, Julie Bronson. Julie wants to be the best teacher but she is the sole black person in the all-white community. Julie discovers Daniel has the gift of song and attempts to encourage his talent. Together, can this pair conquer adversity and the stresses pitting them against both religious stereotypes and racial prejudices?

Everyone has secrets - some kept better than others. Still, secrets tend to surface. Nobody can hide from who they truly are in... The Secret Voice.

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52 Weeks of Writing Tips
Was #2 in Editing on
Available at Amazon. Kindle $2.99 / Paperback $9.95

A compilation of 52 writing tips and innovative suggestions to empower and increase your writing prowess. It will help to improve your technique through helpful insights to writing, editing and marketing possibilities. Topics cover the full range of skills including not only character descriptions but also depth of character, dialog, handling sex scenes, aliens, poetry and even tips to make your text stronger with proper editing.

Consider this - Where else will you find zombies who are your friends? Who'd have thought these creatures of the night - the undead - would come to help you discover the truth about active vs. passive voice? Would you believe cutting your word count can improve your sales? With that said, and those two words (that, said) can easily be eliminated to create tighter writing and increase your profitability. Plus there are many more of these strange tips included to help you become a better writer.

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Pangaea, Eden Lost
Available at Amazon. Kindle $4.99 / Paperback $16.95

Travel with Barclay Havens as he searches for the answers to where the Cylinder of Time was created. This is where modern technology and ancient geology clash. The cylinder can't be duplicated by today's technology and yet it was discovered in a chunk of rock as old as Earth. A complete enigma. Barclay Havens discovers that a simple job becomes much more complicated because there are those who will stop at nothing, including his death, to own the Cylinder of Time. Some think it to be the answer to Garden of Eden, others believe it to have mystical powers and still others believe no man should possess it. Hidden natives, hidden agendas and hidden secrets keep Barclay Havens on his toes as he treads the narrow path between the geology of Pangaea and the scriptures of the Bible. His knowledge, his faith and his scientific training are tested to keep him alive as he searches for the truth about the Cylinder of Time and Pangaea, Eden Lost.

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Ancient Blood: The Amazon
Available at Amazon. Kindle $5.95 / Paperback $19.50

Co-written with Jack Franklin, this is a vampire tale lurking in the jungles of Brazil. In the 1600s, a vampire, wanting to hide from a secret society of holy vampire killers, comes to the Americas with the conquistadors. He stumbles upon a race of white, warrior women who use gold arrows and live in a citadel of white walls and towers topped with gold tiles. He lurks in the lush growth for 500 yrs. Now he wants to be free and fulfill his dream. Publisher: Damnation Books

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Three Steps: The Journeys of Ayrold
Available at Amazon. Kindle $3.99 / Paperback $12.95

This is a tale about a man who is searching for himself, having lost his childhood memories at a young age. Harry Corsi is a work-aholic widower who is having disturbing dreams of young women with wings, his deceased wife and even a demon named Morg Shiloc who has flaming eyes and huge, black curved horns about its face. With the help of strange little man, a psychologist, a spiritualist minister and an unusual young lady, Harry finds a path he didn't know he knew. He takes three steps into a reality of fantasy.

This is a tale of mis-identity similar to Shakespeare's "A Mid-Summer's Night Dream." In Three Steps, leprechauns can be dwarves, dwarves can be ogres and giants can be leprechauns. Not everything is as it appears. Even the dragon has a secret. But the leprechauns have a secret about their pot of gold and it must remain a secret.

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2012: Timeline Apocalypse
Available at Amazon. Kindle $4.99 / Paperback $17.95

This novel has many people going 'hmm?' after reading. It is a thought provoking, enjoyable read. I have blended together threads of Mayan legends/myths, actual archeological truths and some of today's scientific facts/headline news in a fun way. Mayan gods walk the Earth, sometimes they don't even know they're a god, but when the time comes, all is revealed. Discover how the mystical, mythical, real, and not so real can combine to become "2012: Timeline Apocalypse" - buy it now. Time is running out.

At the time of no time, it is a girl of innocence, for her eyes to time will come.

The publisher is 23 House and the book was released October 2010.

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Date: TBA
The New York Voice

Hot on the heels of its predecessor, The Secret Voice, The New York Voice picks up where Daniel leaves home. What choices will he make as he tests Rumschpringe in the Big Apple and learns to sing on the big stage. Will he return home to his roots? Will he become Englische and stay in New York. And who is this mysterious Marti he meets?

  Date: TBA
CRACKED! The Editing Mystique

You've written the novel or short story but now you need to clean it up to send out. What needs to be done? This book will help you to find those "silly" errors that mark you as a novice and polish your work to shine brightly.

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