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Some published, some not.

  • The Celtic Dragon ~ A short story about a dragon with a poor memory and a cocky little leprechaun. And you thought you had a bad day!
  • The Station ~ A poem that I wrote about going to work. The image is the train station at Point of Rocks, MD. I was there at 6am, back at 6pm. Whew!
  • The Perfect Dentist ~ A short story about a love and an obsession.
  • The Wind ~ A poem that reflects one glorious summer day I spent at a private lake where my brother-in-law has a cottage.
  • Indian Legends ~ A short story that defines the bonds between a grandfather and grandson. Not what you would expect.
  • The God Makers ~ I was told to write something slightly non-traditional and with either a Polynesian or Indian background.
  • The Sea of Regret ~ Short story about a young man stranded at sea. A friend in need is a friend indeed?
  • The Frog Prince ~ A slightly different take on the traditional fairy tale.
  • Justice ~ A short story of when a poet goes awry.
  • I Am, Therefore... ~ A short story for the philosophical types.
  • The Split ~ A short story about banking like nothing you'd expect.
  • The Parking Deck ~ A short story. An attempt at something dark. This will make you think next time you go out.
  • Boring Sentience ~ A short story with a very macabre twist. Slightly dark.
  • Just Around The Corner ~ A short story to trick your eye.
  • Basement Purgatory ~ An attempt at the dark and macabre.

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Articles I have written and had published.

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I also was the poetry columnist for The Emporium Gazette.

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